Monday, 18 — Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Junior Doctor of the Year Award Nominations

We are proud to introduce the following nominees

Dr Tamblyn Devoy

New South Wales

Dr Devoy is a PGY2 who has had significant involvement in the Resident Medical Officers’ Association (RMOA) of the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (LHD), is Chair of the NSW JMO Forum and represents his jurisdiction on the Australasian Junior Medical Officers Committee.

During his PGY1, Tamblyn nominated for the NSW JMO Forum and embraced this additional opportunity to support trainees in his LHD, as well as contribute to state-wide discussions to support improved education, training and junior doctor wellbeing. He was the project lead for a recent review of NSW Health Education and Training Institute’s proposal for a unified education series for JMOs.

He has been involved as the Critical Care lead for RMOA’s surgical database to increase JMO research involvement.

Tamblyn has developed online wellbeing and education initiatives for JMOs in regional rural settings to enhance participation and reduce barriers to involvement such as physical distance.

NSW Tamblyn DEVOY photo

Dr Tawa Hunter

New Zealand

Dr Hunter is a PGY2 at the Rotorua Hospital and has participated in several projects to contribute to the education of junior doctors and impact on patient safety and organisational clinical governance.

Tawa was a key participant in a group establishing a new treatment pathway for patients with chronic obstructive airway disease; this educational pathway for interns to follow in Emergency Department aids their learning, confidence and provides better care for the patient. This pathway was presented to the clinical governance committee and has been implemented in both Rotorua and Taupo Hospitals.

Tawa arranged a Hui at a Māori Learning Centre and in the hospital by starting conversations with the Māori community about organ donation and demystifying the topic and process. It is hoped that future Huis may result in an increased rate of organ donations amongst the Māori community, with Tawa being a role model in this important awareness campaign.

Tawa was the resident medical officer on the Medication Safety Committee which recently reviewed the hospital medication chart. She educated clinical staff on the standards for good prescribing and created an interactive tool allowing new prescribers to take an e-learning module.

Tawa Hunter ANZPMEF 350x350

Dr Stephanie McKelvie

Northern Territory

Dr McKelvie is a PGY1 at Alice Springs Hospital where she is an excellent mentor to students and medical education advocate for her peers.

During Stephanie’s first term placement at Alice Springs Hospital she redesigned the morning case studies presented during handover to facilitate a richer education experience for JMOs; the suggested changes were adopted immediately and are popular with both junior and senior medical officers.

Stephanie spent her second term placement at Tennant Creek Hospital where she provided exceptional guidance and mentoring to medical students working in the Emergency Department and General Ward. She also ran several procedural and ultrasound workshops with students, involving senior staff when appropriate.

Stephanie completed an assignment for her Masters of Public Health on the management of acute kidney injuries on the Alice Springs medical ward compared to the Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes guidelines; she is also first author on a paper to be published in the Lancet Western Pacific later this year.

NT Stephanie Mc Kelvie ANZPMEF 350x350

Dr Ashleigh Rees


Dr Rees has spent her PGY1 and PGY2 at the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) where, through her involvement with the Medical Education Committee, she provided guidance and perspective to the Director of Clinical Training and the Medical Education Advisor. In her role as Chief Medical Officer for the RHH as a PGY2 doctor, Ashleigh displayed leadership skills which promoted JMO engagement with the provision and support of medical education systems.

As the Facilities Officer for the RHH Resident Medical Officer Society, she had a key role in developing and subsequent education of the Society’s COVID safe policy in 2020.

Since 2020 Ashleigh has held the title of Clinical Association with the University of Tasmania which involves the direct supervision of year3-5 medical students, bedside tutorials and being a resource person for students.

Ashleigh has contributed to education in Obstetrics and Gynaecology through teaching, supporting examination preparation, and an active participant in the ‘Journal Club’.

Ashleigh Rees ANZPMEF 350x350

Dr Shihab Siddiquee

South Australia

Dr Siddiquee completed his PGY1 and PGY2 at Sydney Hospital. In addition to maintaining a high level of clinical performance across a wide range of disciplines, demonstrating patient-focused care and multidisciplinary ethos, Shihab has presented student tutorials, prepared lectures and workshops for students, and participated in university interviews.

During his prevocational training he undertook a Master of Biostatistics at the University of Sydney and passed the Pathological Sciences Exam for the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia. He currently works as an accredited registrar in Anatomical Pathology in South Australia.

As of his PGY2 year, Shihab has published four peer-reviewed papers in Australian and international journals being first author for three papers.

He also developed exam preparation resources and delivered lectures and workshops to students at Flinders University where he served as Chair of the Skin Society in PGY1 and PGY2.

Shihab is currently Chair of the South Australian JMO Forum and Chair of the Australasian Junior Medical Officers Committee.

Shihab Siddiquee ANZPMEF 350x350

Dr Samuel Smith


Dr Smith is a PGY2 at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH). During his medical administration term he helped organise a Peripheral Intravenous Catheter workshop to update policies and procedures consistent with the new Clinical Care standards, updated the COVID code blue policy, and contributed to a project aimed at reducing Aboriginal and Torres Strait patient’s discharge against medical advice.

He advocated for RMO membership of the Vascular Access Committee and as a member of this committee, has contributed to policy change and hospital wide education to improve the safety and efficiency of cannulation on RBWH.

Sam is a member of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine’s Respectful Workplace Committee which advocates for the workplace right for respect for clinicians in rural hospitals across Australia.

Sam has been active in encouraging medical officers to undertake research by personally linking several junior doctors to research projects around the hospital or acting as an intermediary between researchers and junior clinicians. One of these projects has resulted in a poster presentation at the 2021 Herston Health Symposium.

Samuel Smith ANZPMEF 350x350

Dr Lucas Taranto


Dr Taranto is a Hospital Medical Officer 2 at the Northern Health (NH) where he volunteers as an Education Officer for the Junior Medical Staff Association. This involves working with the medical education team to advocate for and improve ongoing clinical education for JMOs. Currently, his main project is developing and implementing NH’s first near-peer mentoring program to ensure extra support and guidance with future training. Lucas also has a formal role as a University of Melbourne Year 2 Medical Student Bedside Tutor; this is a role usually reserved for a senior medical officer, however his passion for teaching, enthusiasm and competency have secured him this position.

Lucas made a significant contribution to the 2021 Interna Orientation Program which was held face-to-face with strict social distancing arrangements. He also participated in the Great Debate held by Postgraduate Medical Education Council this year in discussing the impact of COVID-19 on the quality of senior supervision within hospitals.

Lucas Taranto ANZPMEF 350x350

Dr Kitiphume Thammasiraphop

Australian Capital Territory

Dr Thammasiraphop is a PGY2 at the Canberra Hospital and Health Services. Kiti has received consistent, and unsolicited, feedback for his amazing teaching and support to interns during 2021, especially for providing excellent bedside teaching and ‘teaching on the run’.

In 2021 Kiti took a quiet leadership role in being a key mentor and provided extra help and supervision to interns as required. As well, he took on the role of a Blue Buddy - an informal near to peer mentor.

During 2020 and 2021 Kiti has been a true leader through the COVID pandemic by supporting his JMO colleagues directly and indirectly. The pandemic and its impact led to higher workloads and stressful situations for many; Kiti quietly provided collegiate support in a gentle and supportive way.

Kiti is a deserving nomination for this award as a grass roots leader helping to change the culture of medicine.


Dr Brittney Wicksteed

Western Australia

During her PGY2 at the Albany Hospital, located in the Great Southern region, Dr Wicksteed established the Junior Medical Officers of the Great Southern (JMOGS), and was the founding President. Brittney advocated for general practice registrars and other JMOs working in the region to be included to make the most of their rural experience.

JMOGS established collegial networks amongst the doctors via events such as regular debriefings involving the rural psychiatry team and Balint groups. In 2021 Brittney moved to Broome where she replicated this success and was instrumental in the creation of a Western Australia Country Health Service (WACHS) wide society: the Western Australia Rural Doctors in Training.

One of Brittney’s projects in 2020 – Improving Clinical Assessment and Handover of miscarriage patients in the Emergency Department (ED) – resulted in the creation of a visual reference guide, a miscarriage information sheet added to the ED discharge sheets, an education session for ED clinicians around early pregnancy bleeding and miscarriage management, and the creation of a new referral pathway to Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

In 2020 Brittney was a finalist for WACHS RMO of the Year.

Brittany Wicksteed ANZPMEF 350x350